Add Photoswipe gallery to your pages

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This whole pages uses the default photoswipe.html.twig template provided by the plugin. List of is displayed after the content.

Default config is:

enabled: true
built_in_photoswipe_assets: true
built_in_js: true
  # UI
  closeEl: true
  captionEl: true
  fullscreenEl: true
  zoomEl: true
  shareEl: true
  counterEl: true
  arrowEl: true
  preloaderEl: true
  tapToClose: false
  tapToToggleControls: true
  clickToCloseNonZoomable: true
  indexIndicatorSep: ' / '

  # Core
  showHideOpacity: false
  bgOpacity: 1
  spacing: 0.12
  allowPanToNext: true
  maxSpreadZoom: 2
  loop: true
  pinchToClose: true
  closeOnScroll: true
  closeOnVerticalDrag: true
  escKey: true
  arrowKeys: true
  history: true

  # Advanced
  centerThumbPosition: false