Translate date

Define date formats for each language and easily use for dates in your templates

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Due to the nature of the plugin, there's no way to demo both basic and intl processors so here are some examples of the basic (default plugin config)

  • Config default
    {{ 'now'|td }}

    Output: 11/26/2022 09:58PM

  • Force language
    {{ 'now'|td('de') }}

    Output: 2022-11-26 21:58

  • Force format
    {{ 'now'|td(null, 'Y-m l') }}

    Output: 2022-11 Saturday

  • Force both
    {{ 'now'|td('lt', 'Y-m l') }}

    Output: 2022-11 Šeštadienis

Same usage with intl support - only formats are different (see README)

Default config is:

enabled: true
processor: basic # `basic|intl`
  en: 'm/d/Y h:iA'
  lt: 'Y-m-d H:i'


  1. Configure defaults in Admin